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Mrs. Kerns

To my ELA students & SJS families,

As you know, due to the Coronavirus, the decision was made to close the school for a period of time. Our education will continue through online learning assignments. On regular school days, students will be required to check Google Classroom daily for their ELA assignments. We will work using our Google Classroom page and the books that you brought home on Friday:

  • Exercises in English/Grammar

  • Sadlier Vocabulary

  • Simple Solutions/Reading Comprehension

  • We will also be working on the following reading/projects:

    • 6th Grade Dragonwings

    • 7th Grade Number The Stars

    • 8th Grade Research Paper

We have been working in our Google Classroom since the first day of class. My plan is to continue our work with an interesting and comprehensive online learning experience.  I will also post a few new educational websites to supplement a variety of learning options on Google Classroom.

During the day, I will be available to support both students and parents with questions that arise.  If you need to communicate with me about online work, you can contact me on Google Classroom. If you prefer, students as well as parents, can send messages to my email (which can be done through Google Classroom). I will respond as soon as possible, throughout the day. 

Please do your best to set aside a quiet place to work on assignments. Similar to our normal class, I will assign the work in the morning, and then post the answers for you to correct by the end of the day.  You will need to correct your notebook or workbook in red during the next day’s online class. Just as we do in class, it is important to do your work independently, then correct the incorrect answers.  Do not review the answers until all of your work has been completed. It’s important (and I sincerely encourage you) to contact me if you have any questions.  

Once we return to school, it is important for me to understand what challenges you may have with any skill.  This is why it is important for you to clearly correct each lesson. While you may not receive an instant response, please be confident that I will read all questions throughout the day and reply back to you as soon as possible during regular school hours.

This is a new experience for all of us as we move into a new frontier in virtual learning.  I look forward to working together. Until our next day in school, I will miss each and every one of you.

Be safe and stay well!

Best Always,

Ms. Kerns

P.S. If you have any challenges please refer to our school website direction:

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