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Parents and Students,

Saint Jerome School will institute virtual home instruction beginning on Monday, March 16th. Virtual home instruction will continue for at least two weeks. All extra-curricular activities and sporting events are cancelled during this time.

Students will not report to school, but are expected to continue with daily instructional learning as assigned by their teachers through Google Classroom. I will post assignments on a daily basis. Assignments can be found in the blue folders or in Google Classroom.

We have a well-defined and comprehensive virtual learning plan in place to initiate virtual home instruction days for students. Additional learning resources can be found on my Google Classroom Virtual home instruction days count toward the 180 day school requirement, therefore we will not have to make up any days for this health-related closing.

During the implementation of virtual home instruction I will be available to support parents and students. If you have the need to communicate with me, please send a message to my email (which can be done through Google Classroom). I will respond either through email or phone call during regular school days and hours, as appropriate.

Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time. Hopefully, these proactive measures will help slow the spread of the virus and will ultimately preserve the health and safety of our children, faculty, staff, and community. Updates will be provided as additional information becomes available.

Mrs. Hubbard

Be safe and stay healthy!


All assignments/ websites/ links can be found on Google Classroom.


Any issues with Google Classroom should be directed to Mrs. Laugelli. 



My name is Janene Hubbard, and I spend my days doing my favorite thing in the world: educating and learning from creative, inquisitive kids.

I graduated from St. Francis College with a Bachelor of Arts in Childhood Education in Elementary and Secondary Education. In 2013, I earned a Master's in English. I am working towards certifications in Special Education as well as my certifications in the state of New Jersey.

I decided to go into teaching because I strongly believe that I have something valuable to offer. Children have always been a source of happiness in my life and I feel like I have the ability to relate to and understand them. I am thoroughly excited to work with your child to help them learn and grow and hopefully be a source of happiness in his or her life. Children are the hope of the future. In order to ensure my students are intrinsically motivated, life- long learners, I will lead by example. I will always strive to express my dedication to teaching, and convey my passion for learning.

We are learning how to become caring, diligent, and responsible fourth graders. We are working daily on our manners, listening skills, and organizational skills

** Parents, please make time daily to work on Vocabulary Words, Multiplication Facts , and  Reading Fluency.