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250 Wall Street
West Long Branch, NJ

AdvancED Accreditation
Diocese of Trenton

Grades 6 - 8

Our religion program encourages young people to broaden their knowledge of Christ’s message and their responsibility to witness Christ in their everyday life. Students are encouraged to provide community service. Respect for life, social living and family relationships are an integral part of the total curriculum. The study of religion includes church history, Hebrew scripture, a review of the life of Jesus Christ, and the sacraments, with an emphasis on Confirmation preparation.

Pre-algebra, algebra and geometry are core elements of study in the middle grades. Problem solving, estimation and measurement are mastered through instruction, concrete, semi-concrete, and abstract reasoning. Small study groups provide opportunity for acceleration. Our Middle School program offers an array of technology components that engage and expand learning. Students can go online and find interactive exercises and feedback, homework help, presentation materials and more.

Integrated language arts follow the guidelines set forth in a new Integrated Language Arts Curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on basic language skills, writing skills through the revision method and abstract critical reading skills. There is opportunity for self-expression through the writing of poetry, stories, essays, research papers and oral presentations.

Social Studies encompass a variety of teaching methods to instill an appreciation of our world. Early civilizations to the present time are explored; map skills and the functions of government are taught in all classes.  Through the implementation of group activities, technology, geographic awareness and current events, students are challenged to think critically and therefore recognize the ways in which the past impacts our lives today. Students are encouraged to participate in activities that enhance the common good and increase the general welfare.

The science curriculum for the Middle School further develops all areas introduced in the elementary grades and incorporates lab experiments, hands-on activities and field trips in its program. In grades six, seven and eight, Physics, Environmental Science, Biological Cells, Chemistry and Human Biology are explored. Computer, Internet and library resources are an integral part of the science program.