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250 Wall Street
West Long Branch, NJ

AdvancED Accreditation
Diocese of Trenton

Grades 1 - 3

In grades one, two and three, the children are introduced to the Scriptures, the sacraments, and basic concepts and traditions of our Catholic faith, with emphasis on the theme that God is our loving Father and we are His family. Continued growth in our faith is fostered through daily prayer, meaningful liturgies and seasonal prayer services. Students also participate in community projects which extend the Gospel message to a broader community of faith.

Math instruction in the primary grades focuses on investigation of meaningful problems, individually or in cooperative groups, while using appropriate tools for assessment and technology. The teaching of concepts, numeration, critical thinking, writing activities and a range of math strategies are emphasized. Concentration in grades one and two is on addition and subtraction, while grade three emphasizes multiplication and introduces division.

The students are exposed to a literature based reading program which encompasses reading comprehension, phonics, grammar, spelling and writing. The program provides a variety of literary genres and authors, stimulating students to make choices beyond the classroom. It provides basic and supplemental material enabling students to write with organization and creativity, to think critically, to improve vocabulary, to summarize, to interpret and to express thoughts and opinions.

Through hands-on, cooperative learning and critical thinking activities, students explore their senses, living things and their needs. Earth science of air and rocks is part of the first grade curriculum. Second grade explores animal groups and plants, and grade three delves into the topics of the solar system and space, matter, rocks, fossils and the force of magnetism. 

The social studies program in grades one and two includes a study of communities as well as various cultures, traditions, and social values. Periodicals provide the opportunity to discuss current events and map skills. In grade three, the new social studies program investigates community living in depth, both on the local scene and globally. The program provides studies on the birth of our nation, and also reinforces citizenship qualities and democratic values. Maps, charts, globes and timelines are used throughout the text.